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September 15 2014


September 01 2014


August 12 2014

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mean IDE
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June 14 2014


Satou asked, “Is it this complexity that makes caching a Subtle Art?”

Bawan shook his head. “Complexity only makes it an art. It is the apparent simplicity that makes it subtle.”

The Codeless Code #148
Tags: en programming

June 10 2014

Node.js. It gives you the same performance as lightweight threads but with the clarity and usability of x86 assembly.
The emperor’s new clothes were built with Node.js
Tags: en programming

May 27 2014


Tao Te Chip

The Way of the One and the Zero
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May 26 2014


May 23 2014

Ramsey Nasser on قلب, via Artist's Notebook
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May 19 2014

Mache Browser-Screenshots und singe. Denn wer singt ist fröhlich und ich soll nicht mehr meckern. Darum singe ich. Den Spezialexperten-Blues
Twitter / svensonsan

May 11 2014


Ironically, the Monad always has at least one side-effect: it makes me feel like an idiot.

The Codeless Code: Case 143, Monolith
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May 09 2014


The truth behind Open Source apps

CommitStrip - Blog relating the daily life of web agencies developers

May 05 2014


May 01 2014


How about this exchange:
"Is that called arrayReverse?"
"Cool thanks."

Wasn't that guy helpful? With the camel? Doesn't that seem like an appropriate response? No? Good. You can still find Jesus. You have not yet spent so much of your life reading code that you begin to talk in it.

— Peter Welch, Programming Sucks
Tags: en programming

April 15 2014


computing as pop culture

programming is terrible
Tags: en programming

April 14 2014

OpenSSL, as imported into FreeBSD, is 340.722 lines of code, nine times larger than the Varnish source code, 27 times larger than each of Zlib or JEmalloc.
This should give you some indication of how insanely complex the canonical implementation of SSL is.
— Poul-Henning Kamp, Why no SSL?

March 30 2014

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The Expert (via quux.de)

March 25 2014


March 23 2014


March 20 2014

Die UTF-8 Selbsthilfegruppe ...
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March 09 2014

JavaScript is a cancer upon the world. [in the] same category as Scientology, homeopathic medicine, and making dogs wear tiny sweaters
— James Mickens, To Wash It All Away (in March 2014 ;login: logout)
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